We are FMAT, Flankenstein's Manufacturing and Transport, the biggest pure Logistics regiment in the Warden faction.

We believe the best way to win the war is to make sure all Wardens are equipped for the job, not just clan-folk. Whether that means helping out an ongoing push or supplying our backline defenses and infrastructure, FMAT's there for our fellow Wardens.

We believe the best way to organize drivers is through group planning from a high level. This means everyone in our union has a say in how we approach each war, regardless of experience.

We don’t pressure anyone out of playing the game they want to, but you'll find Logi glows brighter with a group. We've ran convoys filled with FMAT drivers, on bridges held with FMAT guns. We've trucked crates of vehicles to Oarbreaker in lines 15 trucks deep. We've circled wagons and fought off partisans when outnumbered two-to-one. If this sounds like your kind of Foxhole, visit our truckstop!

To join our discord, click the FMAT logo at the top of this page or the button below!